All of Outlander Season 1 Episodes: Ranked

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4. “Wentworth Prison” Episode 15

This episode of Outlander might be the best episode that you will never rewatch.  For almost 14 episodes the creators of the television show have been hinting about how horrible Captain Randall is. Viewers got a glimpse at what he’s capable of doing in the episodes “The Garrison Commander” and to a point in “Lallybroch.” It’s not until the episode “Wentworth Prison” that you can see Randall is nothing but the spawn of Satan. You might ask yourself if reading this section of the book would have dulled the pain of the episode and the answer is a hard, No. Nothing, absolutely nothing could’ve prepared you to see Randall completely take Jamie apart. Claire for her part never gave up on saving Jamie. Although Claire did not see Randall physically rape, Jamie she saw him want to die. I had hoped we were going to get Claire’s fight with the wolves from the books, but that never happened.

This episode would not have been posable without the incredible performances from Tobies Menzies, Sam Hughan, and Caitriona Balfe. The same director who gave us “The Wedding” also gave us this episode. It’s such a departure from what we have seen from Anna Foerster but still handled with carefulness.