All of Outlander Season 1 Episodes: Ranked

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6. “The Devil’s Mark” Episode 11

This episode should, in fact, be called Geillis is crazy in the best way possible. We don’t want to say actress Lotte Verbeek stole the show, but she kinda did. Both Claire and Geillis are facing charges of witchcraft. Geillis for her part seems to be at ease with the situation. We’re not sure if it’s false bravado or if she genuinely believes Dougal will save her. Both Jamie and Dougal have been sent out of town by the Laird, and one has to think it’s not a coincidence. Of course, leading the charge calling Claire and Geillis witches is none other than Laoghaire and Father Bain. Thankfully Ned shows his worth as a lawyer and fights with great success. Geillis does deliver the best line in season 1 when she decides to sacrifice herself for Claire.

"“Looks like I’m going to a fucking barbecue.”"

We’re not sure Lotte Verbeek knows this, but her portrayal of Geillis is so much better than in the books. We look forward to seeing her again very soon.

Even after Claire escapes her trial with Jamie there still drama. Claire finally unburdens herself and tells Jamie the truth about her time traveling abilities. Being the good man and husband, he believes her but is still skeptical. It’s not until Jamie takes her back to the standing stones and sees her start to disappear that he accepts it as true. Jamie tearfully tells Claire to leave, and people everywhere were screaming. After months of trying to get to the stones to go back to her timeline this time she decides to stay. With that decision comes great responsibility. Since Jamie knows where she’s from, it’s up to him to protect her from the dangers that lurk around the corner.