All of Outlander Season 1 Episodes: Ranked

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Outlander 2015 (Official Image via STARZ)

Have you ever thought about what’s your favorite Outlander Season 1 episodes? We have, and we even ranked them for you. Take a look and see if you agree.

Droughtlander is taking its toll on all of us. For most fans, they are taking solace in the fact we will for sure get season 3 of Outlander in September 2017. Many of us aren’t fairing so well. Some have taken to following Outlander actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on social media and commenting on every post they make. We might have spent hours on YouTube watching Outlander fan videos. Others have been scouring the internet for any bit of news or pictures about season 3. We commend the people who are channeling their frustrations and joined Heughan’s Peak Challenge. (Personally, my ideal weight is JAMMF on top of me and working out is not going to make that happen.)

Some fans of the television show have taken up reading the entire book series for the first time. This is an activity we highly recommend. Reading the world, Diana Gabaldon has created is a great way to get a deeper understanding of what is going on with Claire and Jamie. Unfortunately, some of that storytelling gets lost in the television show due to timing and finance constraints. We promise it won’t taint your perspective of the show so go and read the series now. You can thank us later after you’ve re-read the series two more times.

If you are like us, we have started rewatching Season 1 and 2 of Outlander just to pass the time. Watching Claire and Jamie fighting for each other and history wraps around us like a warm, familiar blanket we never want to leave. This got us thinking, who else is doing this and we wonder what they would consider their favorite episodes. Now like all rankings, this is one person’s opinion. In actuality, there is no right or wrong answer. The beauty of the Outlander book’s and the show is there is something for everyone. We do promise to explain why we ranked the following episode the way we did. As a warning, we have read the entire series so things might get “spoilery.” Let’s take a look at the worst and best episodes of Outlander Season 1.