Mindy Kaling and Senator Cory Booker Adorably E-Flirt on Twitter


Mindy Kaling may be having a digital get down with New Jersey senator Cory Booker, and it’s all thanks to the magic of Twitter.

New Jersey isn’t always the best place to find love. I’m from there, so I’m allowed to say that. But it looks like some romance on the Turnpike may be stirring thanks to this adorable Twitter interaction between actress Mindy Kaling and Democratic New Jersey Senator Cory Booker!

If that seems like a random paring, it’s because it is. But let’s investigate why we’re shipping these two and hopefully will see them on a date in the near future.

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Setting the E-Mood

So, a recent episode of The Mindy Project on HULU made a direct reference to the Senator, and kind of threw serious shade at Newark, where Booker was mayor before running for Senate. Upon seeing this, Booker tweeted his feelings directly to Mindy (and even said he still loves her!)

Mindy answered back to give a bit more insight about her self-insert alter ego character.

And just like that, Booker decided to put his money where his mouth is, gaining the courage to ask out Ms. Kaling for all to see!

Like any good lady from the Tri-State area, Mindy is totally cool with taking public transportation. Even though she accepted the date, Booker tried to sweeten the deal by giving her a “lift!”

It’s unclear if Mindy has accepted this kind gesture, but at least a date is set! Even the PATH Train’s official Twitter chimed in, giving Ms. Kaling the best schedule for hopping on into Newark.

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Now, I’ve met Cory Booker in person. He did a live broadcast during a “Power and Politics” segment when I worked at News 12 New Jersey. And let me tell you, he is swol. He’s good looking, a staunch upholder of the law, and he can carry someone over the threshold with ease.

Will Mindy Kaling ditch her last name and rebrand as Mindy Booker? Or will we see a switch and see Senator Cory Kaling? Only time may tell. We’ll be waiting!