March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Bracket Updates, Upsets, and Highlights


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It’s been a busy couple of days for March Madness fans, and teams that advanced into the Sweet Sixteen, and a hectic one for anyone that thought Xavier wouldn’t keep the upsets coming. The one thing that they haven’t pulled off just yet, is to take down a No.1 seed, but hold that thought.

First on the agenda is breaking down the highlights from the #1 seeds to see how this might go down. The Kansas Jayhawks, North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs are all advancing to the Elite Eight. They all appear ready to fight for that Final Four spot, which will essentially lead them to the 2016-2017 NCAA Championship. Let’s take a look at their highlights…

No.1 Seed Highlights…

The Kansas Jayhawks had no problem getting a win over #4 Purdue, who were the Big 10 regular season champions. The final score was 98-66, which made this the third game in the tournament where Kansas has scored over 90 points. This hasn’t been done since 1995. They’re leading scorers were Devonté Graham and Frank Mason, who both scored 26 points each. It looks as if The Jayhawks have not only proven that they belong in the Elite Eight, but that they have what it takes to win it all.

However, Fox Sports reports that this is where things begin to get sticky for Kansas. This is their 7th Elite Eight appearance under Coach Self, and have lost four of those without moving past the round. Can they break this chain of events? The Jayhawks are set to play against the Oregon Ducks in the Elite Eight on Saturday, 3/25, at 8:49 pm, on TBS.

Meanwhile, the #1 seeded, North Carolina Tar Heels also found momentum that couldn’t be stopped against the Butler Bulldogs, in their 92-80. According to ESPN, Justin Jackson had 24 points, Joel Berry had 26, and Luke Maye ended up with 16. They kept a lead of at least 10 points or more throughout the majority of the game. The Tar Heels are blazing their path to the championship, and appear to be unstoppable. They will be facing the Kentucky Wildcats in the Elite Eight. The game will be on Sunday, March 26th, at 5:05, on CBS.

Other Highlights & Upsets…

Now let’s talk about Xavier again. We’re not skipping over the Gonzaga Bulldogs. In fact, they’re the ones that Xavier has to get past to make it to the Final Four. Both teams have coincidental Cinderella stories, and they both have what it takes to make it to the Final Four. Seriously, I’m having trouble contemplating who to go for myself on this one. Gonzaga has had a couple of close games since the tourney began, however Xavier wasn’t even supposed to be in it at all. Who would’ve thought that they would upset #3 Florida State in Round 2, and go from there to upset Arizona, who was #2?

According to ESPN, both of these teams have made it to eight, Sweet Sixteens, and three, Elite Eights, but no Final Fours.

"Gonzaga has reached eight Sweet 16s and three Elite Eights, but the Bulldogs have never played in a Final Four. For Xavier those numbers are, well, exactly the same. The hoops gods must like coincidences."

So, you’re going to have fun with this one, especially if you’re a fan of Cinderella stories. You could just go with the numbers which hasn’t gone over well when comes to Xavier, in this tournament so far. The Gonzaga Bulldogs will face the Xavier Musketeers on Saturday, March 25th at 6:09 pm, on TBS.

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Okay, the only teams we haven’t covered starts with an upset from #7 South Carolina, who took down #3 Baylor, which came as a complete shock for most. However, we are talking about another crazy upset team when we discuss the S. Carolina Gamecocks, who beat #10 Marquette in the first round, then upset #2 Duke, and pulled off yet another upset when they beat #3 Baylor with a final score of 70-50 as reported by USA Today. They are headed to the Elite Eight as a result, where they will be facing #4 Florida, who has stayed their exact course as the #4 seed throughout the tourney. This game will be on Sunday, March 26th, at 2:20 pm, on CBS.

Your Updated Sweet Sixteen March Madness Bracket

3/25 March Madness Bracket Updated. Image Provided by FanSided.

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