Chris Craziness: March Madness Round of 32 — Chris Hadfield vs. Chris Daughtry


Halfway through the Round of 32 in Chris Craziness, which of these two Chrises — the astronaut or the former American Idol contestant — will advance?

Day 1 of the Round of 32 in Chris Craziness ended with one-fourth of the Sweet 16 set in place. Among the winners? Chris Evans and Christina Aguilera. By tomorrow, we’ll have fully half of the Sweet 16 bracket, and today, we’re bringing you eight more Chrises who need your votes to make it to the next round. More specifically, we’re about to focus on two of those eight.

Round 2

Chris Hadfield (Astronaut)

In the previous round, Chris Hadfield defeated Chris Bosh, but will the former astronaut whose above TED Talk is literally called “What I learned from going blind in space” have enough rocket fuel left to make it into the round of 32? Or will he fall back to earth and out of Chris Craziness? That will only be determined by your votes.


Chris Daughtry (Musician)

Okay, so Chris Daughtry may not have a TED Talk about how he went to space, but he does have a rather long career in music. Will his fans carry some torches for him and vote him through ahead of Hadfield? Or is he doomed for another shocking defeat at the hands of the people, like what happened on American Idol all those years ago? (Does that make Hadfield Taylor Hicks, then? Probably only if Hadfield goes on to win.)

Now vote!

It’s that simple. All you need to do is vote in the above Twitter poll for either one of these Chrises! The Sweet 16 starts on March 28, but this poll will only be open until tomorrow morning, when the next eight Chrises of the Round of 32 are up. Want to keep up with all the action? Follow us on Twitter.

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