15 Episodes of The West Wing We Need Now More Than Ever

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The West Wing Season 1 Official Image via NBC

With all the political turmoil that’s happened in the last year, we turn back to The West Wing for life lessons about politics.

When  originally went off the air in 2006, we mourned the loss of one of the smartest, quickest and memorable television shows in history. It was idealistic, witty, and gripping. But now, more than ever, we mourn the loss of a show that taught us everything about government and ideals – something our current president could use a refresher course on.

Who knew we’d get here, to a place so divided and so seemingly uneducated? Gone are the ideals of democracy, the hope in government, the belief that leaders would do right by the people. Gone are the days when it seemed like being the President of the United States took honor, heart and intelligence.

Where is Jed Bartlet when you need him most?

Here’s our list of 10 episodes from The West Wing that taught us the lessons that we need today now more than ever. Watch them. Heed them. Take some notes.

(Donald, these are all streaming on Netflix, just FYI.)