The 100 Season 4 Episode 7 “Gimme Shelter” Recap


The 100 returned this week with one heck of an episode, and amazing performances from everyone. Here’s our recap of episode 7 “Gimme Shelter.”

Clarke takes a shower! Ilian and Octavia get naked! Bellamy tries to be a hero! Here’s our break down of what the hell just happened on The 100’s “Gimme Shelter:”

A Dangerous Downpour

Well, ya’ll. Black rain is here and it’s not leaving any prisoners. Kane and Bellamy work together to get all of Skaikru into Alpha Station but of course, that causes a frenzy and a man gets stuck in the acid. Kane and Bellamy, being the leaders they are, go back out to help this man who’s literally getting burned to death, showing their character in the process. Bellamy begins to worry about Octavia, who took off ay the end of last episode.

Since Bell can’t find his sister, he feels like he need to help someone else. A group is trapped in the rain but their time is running out as the rain is strengthening. He finds a suit that got mostly burned when Ilian set the place on fire and fixes it up with some duct tape. Against Kane’s wishes, he suits up and treks into the downpour. The suit, of course, doesn’t work and Bell gets to the rover just in time. He sets off to save the people anyway.

"“No unnecessary risks.” Kane warns him before he takes off."

Bellamy gets stuck in the mud and can’t get to them. He goes through a sort of existential crisis about not being able to save them. He finally makes it back to Alpha Station where daddy Kane can try to give him some paternal advice.

#Octilian Rises

Octavia conveniently finds herself sans clothes and trapped in a cave with her most hated guy right now, Ilian. And I do not hate it. Ilian explains to her why he is the way he is, what happened in the city of light, and why he wanted to burn down the ship. He tied is mother to a pole. He slit his father and brother’s throats. He wants to hear Octavia’s sad story. “Everyone has one,” he says. He thinks that the girl she used to be is still in her. She knows she isn’t. She feels like she deserves to feel pain, like she needs the pain to survive. In an incredibly emotional scene, she begins walking out of the cave and into the black rain. Ilian grabs her just in time and holds her back. They end up on the ground where Ilian is over Octavia and as she calms down, she leans in for a kiss, and magic happens.

“Make me feel something else.”

When they’re done, Octavia offers him a ride back to his home and he accepts. Off they go on Helios.

I’ve seen a lot of hate towards this scene and this decision on social media. I whole-heartedly loved it though. People complain that they’re sick of the “woman uses sex to heal her pain” plot. Three things about that:

  1. Have you ever heard of someone complain of the “man uses sex to heal his pain” plot? No. Because that’s literally every single male story on TV. So why the double standard?
  2. Why the hell is it wrong that a woman uses sex to heal her pain? Why is it wrong to use that as an outlet, as a release?
  3. Makes me sad that women are so quick to judge other women, even when they’re only characters on TV. Do better.

Back to Bone Marrow

Clarke finds her way to the island where Becca’s lab is located. She realizes that Raven is having more seizures. Raven is sedated, and as long as she keeps it easy, she’ll be okay. But it’s Raven and when has she been one to keep it easy?

Abby brings up a suggestion of how to save everyone from the radiation- inject them with Luna’s bone marrow. It’s always about the bone marrow. But they need to test it first- very reminiscent of season 2 and Mount Weather. Luckily for them, Becca was trying to cure cancer in this lab before the bombs went off so she has a radiation chamber that they can test people in. Clarke thinks it’s a no-brainer. Abby on the other hand, doesn’t like that idea. Emori overhears their conversation and by the look on her face, she isn’t too impressed with it either.

Her and Clarke head to Becca’s house where John is cooking up dinner in a beautiful gourmet kitchen. I have to admit that it was weird as hell to see these characters in a house like this. Clarke finally gets a hot shower and exactly one second to lie down before she hears a noise that she has to go explore.

So we’ve apparently just met a new group called the scavengers and now we know why Emori is so freaked out by this island. They’ve clearly done some shitty things to her. One of them breaks into the house but before he can kill Emori, John takes a cutting board to his head. Instead of killing him, Clarke wants answers, so they tie him up. He claims he only came for the food. He only scavenges so his family can eat.

Emori wants to kill him to get revenge- cut him for every time he’s cut her. She sees right through his lies. But right before Emori can get one last punch for the kill, Clarke finally brings up the obvious answer here. Use this scavanger as the sacrifice.

They take him back to the lab, inject him with night blood, and send him into the chamber. Nice knowing ya. It’s revealed that Emori actually had no idea who this guy was. She just wanted to save herself from being the one to go into the chamber. Good move, girl.

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The 100 airs every Wednesday on The CW at 9/8c.