Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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Photo: The CW

Watch the 20 best TV episodes when you’re wishing for warmer weather, suffering from the brutal cold, or just need a mini-vacay.

There’s nothing better than Spring and Summer. When the cold starts to thaw, everything begins to look brand new again. The  minute the seasons make a break, our minds start to wander much farther than the weather (or our bank account) will allow, and we start to dream of parts unknown.

However, Mother Nature has been a very fickle beast in the last year, and the ups and downs have our thermostats more confused than ever. No matter what the temp is outside however, warmer weather is definitely on the way. Soon it will be time for flip flops, backyard parties, and baseball stadium beers, and we can’t wait.

We’re already daydreaming of changing our latitude. But before we can point our cars to where the sun shines, here are 20 of the best TV episodes about the Spring and Summer.  When you need to escape to a warmer climate, get a little sand in your toes, and sip a fruity cocktail, but can’t quite make it happen just yet, you can pick from this list to get you in the spirit.

Some of these episodes are a perfect primer to the upcoming Spring Break holiday, while others will have us longing for the sweet heart of summer.