Chris Craziness: March Madness Round of 64 – Cris Carter vs. Christoph Waltz


Our tournament of Chris Craziness continues and this round is former football star Cris Carter versus the ever amazing Christoph Waltz.

Chris Craziness continues on with a whole new challenge! For those who are unaware, we are doing our own version of March Madness. But it is definitely Culturess style. We’re trying to finally answer the age old question of “Which Chris is the best Chris?”!

To participate is easy. All you have to do is closely follow our Culturess Twitter account and make sure to vote in each round so your favorite Chris takes home the crown! Easy enough, right? Every day we have  a new battle and you get to choose  your favorite! The choice is up to you so make sure you are representing your favorite Chris!

Round 6

Dec 1, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings former wide receiver Cris Carter during a game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Cowboys defeated the Vikings 17-15. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Cris Carter

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver football star, Cris Carter is still an extremely prominent figure in sports media. So does he have your heart? It is very possible that he could and you don’t want him to lose when you could have helped!


Christoph Waltz

The Oscar-winning actor certain has won over the hearts of the Academy but does he have yours? If Christoph is your favorite, make sure you make your voice heard! After all, Christoph would want your vote and we can’t let down Christoph Waltz!

Vote Now!

So will it be Christoph or Cris? The choice is completely up to you!

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Make sure to follow the Culturess Twitter account and vote for your favorite! You don’t want someone else to win when you could have helped your favorite take home the crown!