20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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The Punisher (Image via Marvel)

4. The Punisher

Do you ever wonder if superheroes are comfortable? There’s an awful lot of visual flair when it comes to their costumes, but they look awful tight. Spandex, after all, is pretty stretchy but not terribly forgiving. Lord help poor Power Girl if she wants to get a burrito for once in her life.

And, as much as leather looks cool and probably keeps Blade safe from bitey vampires, it’s not known for its flexibility. How do they keep it all clean, anyway?

Sometimes, you think, they must want to just go out and fight crime in a t-shirt and some sweatpants. Not visually impressive, sure, but at least you’d save some money when it comes to drycleaning.

To that end, it looks like the Punisher has the right idea. He hasn’t gone quite so far as to enact his ultra violent vigilante justice in sweats, but he does sport a pretty iconic t-shirt. Add in some cargo pants and sturdy boots, and you’re all ready for Halloween, friend.

Now, there are some versions of the Punisher where, alas, he is struck by the spandex plague. But we’re going to ignore that. That certainly isn’t in the spirit of the gritty, grim, street-level justice dealt out by this anti hero. The skull shirt and sensible shoes fit far more with the spirit of the Punisher than anything else.