20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Wesley Snipes as Blade (Image via New Line Cinema)

2. Blade

Sometimes, in the world of comics and comic book movies, coolness wins out over more utilitarian concerns. Why, for example, does Blade need that trench coat? Sure, it’s got pockets, but it looks more like it would just get in the way of vampire hunting. At the very least, it gives foes something to grab onto and therefore mess up your cool martial arts moves.

But, then again, Blade is just too cool to be worried about such things. Plus, it’s implied that he’s just that good at what he does. Blade has earned the right to a little flair.

Other than the trench coat, however, Blade’s outfit is pretty straightforward. It’s typically an all-black set of pants, shirt, boots, and gloves. He’s also typically seen with a vest that seems as if it’s constructed entirely of pockets. Then again, you don’t want your stakes to fall out while you’re at the apex of a flip. Oh, and you can’t forget those iconic sunglasses that our daywalking half-vampire hero needs.

It’s also got plenty of leather. A whole cow herd’s worth of leather, probably. Imagine Blade trying to break in a new set of leather pants, boots, and vest, his clothes squeaking as he strolls grimly across his base.