20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel (Image via Marvel)

17. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

After Carol Danvers became the current Captain Marvel, she left the Ms. Marvel title vacant. Now, it’s not as if there’s some sort of rule that a new superhero must take the place of an old one. But if there happens to be an emerging talent out there, it doesn’t help to step into an already well-established role.

Because of that, Kamala Khan takes over the responsibilities of Ms. Marvel. The Pakistani-American teen encountered a mysterious terrigen mist that activated a latent mutation within her genetic code. As a result, Kamala is now able to change her form at will, stretching and growing to truly impressive proportions.

This means that she needs a versatile, not to mention stretchy, outfit. Kamala is also from a Muslim family. While she doesn’t wear a hijab, she does feel the need to wear a more modest suit. Certainly, this is no time or place for a bikini-style getup.

Her suit is also made out of a biokinetic polymer invented by her friend, a fellow high schooler named Bruno Carrelli. Since Carol Danvers is a particular hero for Kamala, her suit is modeled on those same colors. Ms. Marvel now sports a bright red and blue suit with a golden lightning stripe down the middle. She also sports a bright red scarf in place of a cape; Kamala has somehow managed not to trip on it, though I’m sure Edna Mode has a heart attack every time she sees it.