20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Captain Marvel (Image via Marvel)

10. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Carol Danvers is only the latest in a steadily growing line of superheroes to take on the Captain Marvel name. She’s been preceded by alien Kree warrior known as Mar-Vell, a New Orleans police lieutenant, and a shapeshifting Skrull imposter. That’s not even mentioning all of the different alternate dimensions and realities that have also produced their own version of Captain Marvel.

Still, Carol Danvers is the current version and the one you’re most likely to see in comic book stores today. She also has a pretty cool costume, to boot.

At first, you may think that it looks like nothing special. Danvers’ outfit is a straightforward jumpsuit. It’s blue and red, with a set of striking yellow stripes and a starburst on her chest. It’s reminiscent of earlier Captain Marvel costumes, but manages to give Carol a unique look. She’s also kept a hip-level sash from her days as Ms. Marvel, as well as a high-tech armored mask.

However, unlike earlier costumes sported by Danvers, this one covers her almost entirely. While there’s nothing wrong in principle with showing a little skin, skimpy costumes have become unfortunately de rigueur for many female superheroes. It’s satisfying to see exceptions to this sexist trope.