Tunes for Tuesday: Robyn’s Latest “Honey” Graces Girls


Music choices on HBO’s Girls have always been stellar, helping to put the characters’ high emotions into audible feelings. Singer Robyn is excited to receive another Girls spotlight.

For many of us who have watched Girls from the beginning, a moment that stands out in time comes at the end of Season 1’s episode “All Adventurous Women Do.” Hannah (Lena Dunham) is trying to craft a perfect tweet to sum up her weekly happenings. Suddenly, “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn begins to play, the beat so catchy, Hannah can’t help but dance. And when Marnie (Allison Williams) joins her in a ‘dont-care-who’s-watching’ dance, we knew we had a hit on our hands.

And now, the Swedish singer gets a reprise for the sixth and final season. Robyn’s song “Honey” played us out in the most recent episode “Full Disclosure,” as Hannah is watching Adam’s (Adam Driver) movie about their relationship. She realizes there’s still a story brewing between them as the techno, upbeat tune takes us to the credits. We even get to see the sweet first meeting between Adam and Hannah as “Honey” plays over it.

As it turns out, Dunham specifically asked Robyn for another song to use in her show, and the singer gladly accepted. She expressed her gratitude (and the pitch process) on her official Facebook page and Instagram.

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"I sent her some music I’m working on and she picked Honey. It wasn’t ready to be released, but I finished this version for her and Girls. Thank you Lena Dunham for making this TV show that flips my brain like a burger like 15 times every episode, I love that feeling! And for bringing up all these emotionally complex situations in such a brilliant way, without making excuses. And thank you for asking me to make music for your work. I wouldn’t want to miss out on making music for Adam’s movie for anything."

Here’s the, ahem, “bootleg” version of the song in its entirety (since it’s not quite available for release). It features the audio from the final few moments of the episode. Favorite lyric? You’re not gonna get what you need, but baby I have what you want. Sounds appropriate for the entirety of Adam and Hannah’s relationship.

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Next week on Girls, Elijah revisits his acting roots, Marnie faces dire financial straits, and Hannah finally gets in contact with her baby’s father. Be sure to catch Episode 7 “The Bounce” at 9 p.m. eastern on HBO.