20 Fantasy Adaptations That Could Be Bigger than Game of Thrones

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The Farseer Trilogy. Image via Harper Collins

12. The Realm of the Elderlings

The Books: The Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb

The Story: Robin Hobb’s series is less of a series and more of a collection of trilogies and other little series, all set in the same world. The Farseer Trilogy is first, following the life of trained assassin FitzChivalry Farseer. Fitz is in the kingdom called The Six Duchies, where his uncle is also waging war at sea on another kingdom that is attempting to turn the people of the Six Duchies into zombies. The Farseer Trilogy consists of Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest.

And that’s just trilogy one. Hobb’s books continue with the Liveship Traders Trilogy (Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny), The Tawny Man Trilogy (Fool’s Errand, The Golden Fool and Fool’s Fate), The Rain Wild Chronicles (Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven, City of Dragons and Blood of Dragons) and The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy (Fool’s Assassin, Fool’s Quest and Assassin’s Fate).

The series initially kicked off in 1995 and is still going strong, with Assassin’s Fate set to be released May 2017.

The Adaptation: If you’re looking for a sprawling fantasy series set in the world of kings, killers and dragons, this is it. Forget the Game of Thrones spin-off, HBO, and just adapt this.