25 Disney characters that are actually good role models

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3. Anna and Elsa (Frozen)

Too often, it seems, Disney movies seem hyper-focused on romantic love. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s a time and a place for a healthy, equitable romantic relationship between two consenting adults. I have nothing against it. It’s just when the love story starts to feel a little rote that I begin to question it. Don’t you? Perhaps, you may begin to wonder, there could be something a little more to a character’s motivations than a kiss and a big, fancy wedding?

In Frozen, Princess Anna nearly falls for the same trap. At first, she think’s she’s found the real deal with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. However, the typical plot gets turned on its head when her sister, Princess Elsa and the next in line to throne, loses it. And, by “loses it”, I mean lets her X-Men ice powers get the best of her, freezes over their kingdom, and retreats to an ice fortress Magneto that would fill Magneto with envy.

Yes, Anna eventually discovers that Hans is a big jerk and finds another kind of love with a reindeer herder named Kristoff. That’s frankly unimportant, however. What forms the emotional core of the film is the deep bond between the two sisters. Anna is motivated by her love and concern for her older sister, who clearly needs some help. In fact, it’s her bravery and devotion that save both Elsa and their entire kingdom. Perhaps this is something you could try to point out during the next inevitable sibling fight.