25 Disney characters that are actually good role models

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2. Leia (Star Wars)

Through a series of corporate wheelings and dealings, Star Wars is now part of the Disney empire. If you’ve been to any Disney-related property recently, then you know that they’re playing up this acquisition like it rains gold every time someone mentions Star Wars. Which, for Disney, it now probably does.

This means that Star Wars properties are now fair game for this list. Which, of course, means that I must highlight General Leia Organa. If you somehow don’t understand why she might be a good role model, first go watch Episodes 4-7 of Star Wars. No, it’s cool. I can wait.

Okay, done? You’re probably nodding in wise agreement right now, but let’s lay out some of the reasons anyway.

Though Leia was raised in privilege as the (adopted) daughter of Senator Bail Organa, she takes up the fight against the evil Empire without hesitation. Wish we could say more for the rich and famous of our own society.

She’s also a take-no-holds sort of heroine. Yes, she’s introduced as a damsel in distress, but Leia quickly shows Luke and Han Solo that she is no slouch when it comes to fighting. Leia is also frighteningly good with a blaster.

Later on, she further proves herself by becoming a powerful and respected General in the Resistance. Honestly, the Empire (or its successor, the First Order) would likely have taken over if it weren’t for the singular and determined leadership of General Leia Organa.