25 Disney characters that are actually good role models

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20. Wreck-It Ralph

As far as antagonists go, Wreck-It Ralph is pretty unwilling to fill the role. As the villain of an arcade name called “Fix-It Felix”, his job is mostly to thwart the game’s hero (Felix, natch) from, uh, fixing stuff. That’s during the day, anyway. At night, when their arcade closes, Ralph and the other video game inhabitants are free to live their own lives and even travel between consoles.

Ralph is slowly growing fed up with his role. The people within his game ostracize him. He attends a support group for other villains as well. Ralph even tries to win a medal in an attempt to gain respect, but this just starts off a series of mishaps which eventually land Ralph in a racing game called “Sugar Rush”. He also must defeat a series of “Cy-Bugs”, a kind of computer virus that can infect any game.

What’s most important about Ralph isn’t his exclusion, however. He really comes into his own when he teams up with other characters. It’s very hard to defeat a Cy-Bug invasion on your own, it appears. He even works with Felix, though the two had previously enjoyed a fairly tense relationship. Thanks to the magic of cooperation, Ralph and everyone else saves the day and helps everyone find their happiest roles in video game society.