25 Disney characters that are actually good role models

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19. Giselle (Enchanted)

Naiveté isn’t always a good attribute. It’s true that the world is frequently a big, scary place. It’s also true, at least in my estimation, that people too often succumb to cynicism in a misguided attempt to shield themselves. Neither option seems like a good one. If you’re too open-hearted, you may very well walk straight into a trap of sorts, or at least make a fool out of yourself. On the other hand, saying “no” all the time and breaking down any attempt at warmth and sincerity makes for a miserable life.

It seems, then, that the best place to be is somewhere in between. That’s one of the lessons imparted by Enchanted, the 2007 Disney film that combined classic Disney-style animation with live action performances.

Enchanted begins with Giselle, a pretty princess type who lives in the woods and has a lot of woodland creature friends. She meets up with Prince Edward and the two fall in love. However, Edward’s stepmother, Queen Narcissa, wants the throne for herself. That means that she must break apart the new couple, and soon. So, naturally, she pushes Giselle into a well.

This is not any old well, however. It’s apparently some sort of magical portal that transports Giselle into the real, three-dimensional New York City. Giselle finds that she, too, has gained an extra dimension. At least she’s played by Amy Adams, so it’s not all bad.

Though her adventures in NYC throw her for a bit, Giselle manages to find her footing. And though she must deal with strange new emotions such as sadness, betrayal, and disappointment, she also learns how to manage them with grace and maturity. Plus, she also asks the vermin of New York to help clean a gross bathroom through song without screaming incessantly. Wish I had that skill.