25 Disney characters that are actually good role models

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18. WALL-E

It turns out that you don’t even need someone to talk for them to be a good protagonist and role model. That’s good news for our robot friend, WALL-E. Apart from a few beeps and boops, he doesn’t appear to have any substantial method of verbal communication.

WALL-E is a trash collection robot living on a devastated Earth. He’s got a pretty big job ahead of him, considering that our planet has become little more than a 196.9 million square mile dump. It also appears that WALL-E may be the only intelligent creature in the area, apart from a cute cockroach companion. That’s a tough thing to bear for an intelligent robot, especially considering he’s been at this for seven centuries.

Everything changes with the arrival of EVE, a.k.a., an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. EVE finds evidence of new life growing on the planet in the form of a tiny plant found by WALL-E. Though the two robots have bonded during her visit, EVE must now return to the Axiom, a gigantic spaceship housing the remnants of humanity.

Though he is a humble trash robot, WALL-E musters up his bravery and camaraderie with other Axiom robots to save the day. He also manages to start the process of recovering the human species and their ruined planet. Pretty big work accomplished by a small, plucky robot.