The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Sarah and Amber

Maybe I just want Lauren Graham to be my mom in real life (although she would’ve had to give birth to me in elementary school), but I’m a sucker for her motherly vibes. Graham played Lorelai Gilmore, but she also played Sarah Braverman, another young mom raising a strong-willed daughter.

The different between Lorelai and Sarah, however, is that Sarah was kind of a trainwreck. I say that in the most loving and admiring way. She was a gorgeous mess, and I connected with her at every turn. She was always struggling against her own instincts and continually worked against her own self-interest, but she did the best she could for her children.

Just like every other mother in the world, sometimes Sarah’s best wasn’t good enough and her children often took the brunt of her choices. And like other mothers, Sarah was crushed underneath the weight of her decisions. Her children eventually forgave her, and her relationship with Amber became one of mutual understanding and acceptance.

As soon as Sarah started to accept herself, she grew into her beauty and awareness, and in turn, Amber did too. When Amber got pregnant, it all came full-circle for them.