The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Becky, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle

Aunt Becky may not have been the girls’ actual mother, but she was about the closest thing they had. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle lost their mother early on, and they were raised by three well-meaning, although sometimes hapless, men.

Once Becky came along, married Uncle Jesse, and had her own children, she became a real mother figure for the three girls, who so desperately needed a positive female influence. She  moved into their house, and was always present for them throughout all their adolescent problems. She became very influential to them, and I’m sure all the  men in their life appreciated a little relief and support.

The best thing about Becky, however, is that she got to do all the stuff a fun aunt gets to do without all the yuck stuff a mom has to do. Becky gets to talk about boys, give makeup advice, and listen to them complain about each other. She never had to ground them for grades, get doors slammed in her face, or clear dirty cups out of their rooms.

It’s the best of both worlds, and because of it, Becky became really close with the Tanner girls, and they came to rely on her presence as a stabilizing force.

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Who did I leave out? What’s your favorite mother/daughter team, and what makes them so special?