The 100 Season 4 Episode 6 “We Will Rise” Recap


The 100 returned this week after a two week hiatus with “We Will Rise.” We’re only 6 episodes in and things aren’t slowing down. Here’s our recap.

We kick off “We Will Rise” right where we left things two weeks ago. The Ark is burning to a crisp and people are worrying about what to do when the black rain hits- especially Jaha. Jasper on the other hand, has no fears and tells Jaha to stiffen up because it’ll all be okay. On the other side of things, Skaikru isn’t too pleased with Ilian for burning down their only form of shelter when radiation hits. They break into his jail chambers and begin beating him before Kane can come in between them.

While Kane is trying to maintain his people, Clarke’s finally getting a moment to breathe on her own. We see her sitting on a bed, staring at the drawing of Lexa. The camera pans to her side and we see that she’s not alone- Niylah’s keeping her company. I’m not entirely sure what I made out from this scene but I know that it emotionally killed me to watch Niylah talk to Clarke about Lexa.

"“Lexa would be proud of you. We’re all your people now. She believed that too. She lives on through you.”"

Considering we spent the entire second half of season 3 completely avoiding the topic of Lexa’s death, I’m glad they’re finally addressing it this season and allowing Clarke to grieve through multiple different people. Especially when one of those people is Niylah. I think the three most important people to see her grieve with are Abby, Bellamy, and Niylah, and we’ve definitely covered 2 of those. Bellamy’s been there through a lot of Clarke’s grief and pain but I want to see them sit down and have an actual conversation about it- that’ll be important tot the future of their friendship. And even if Bell and Clarke do become romantic at some point, then the conversation about Lexa needs to happen or I don’t know if I can support it.

Personally, I would be more keen to see a relationship develop between Clarke and Niylah and so far, it seems as though the show may be going in that direction.

Clarke now has to trek to Becca’s lab to deliver some hydrazine so Raven can go up to space and make night blood serum. However, she’s warned that the ride isn’t going to be easy. One wrong move and the hydrazine is going to go boom- we all know that. Kane is worrying about Abby, of course. How could he not? She’s going to space in a 100 year old rocket, but Clarke assures him that Raven knows what she’s doing and will get them both down safely. And off she goes to deliver some gas. But first, Monty delivers some words of encouragement.

"“You’re about to drive the last 10 barrels of hydrazine known to man. A cargo which raven needs every drop of. Through hostile territory, packed with war clans, over uneven roads where one serious bump can cause an explosion that will not only kill all of you but would wipe out mankind’s only remaining chance for survival.”"

Thanks, Monty!!

Off they go to save the world. A little while into their ride, they run into a group of Trikru. Ice Nation burnt their village to the ground and one of the men caught an axe in the leg during the fight. Clarke, being Clarke, hops out to try and save the man but there’s nothing she can do. A curious little boy wonders to the back of one of the trucks and sees the King and his soldiers hiding. So if war wasn’t brewing already, it sure is now.

They come to a river that they weren’t expected so Bellamy and Roan take off in the rover to try and find a crossing. Clarke stays with the hydrazine and the Ice Nation soldiers so that obviously can’t be good.

Surprise- it isn’t!

When Bell and Roan radio to Clarke that they found a crossing, she doesn’t respond. Racing back to the spot they left her, they see that she’s gone, along with the truck, the hydrazine, and the Ice Nation security. They immediately blame Trikru for it, so they take off to stop them before they make it back to Polis. Hitting a roadblock of the same Trikru they ran into earlier, Roan has a realization that they aren’;t the ones who stole the truck.

"“Everyone does what’s right for their people.”"

The Ice Nation took Clarke and the truck, so off they go to save her. They catch up with the truck and after a few badass fight scenes, they kill the men trying to steal it. During the ride to the lab, Roan asks what happens after they turn everyone into night bloods- they just stop killing now? They take a quick break and before Bellamy can confess his love to Clarke, Roan shows them an arrow in one of the hydrazine barrels. It’s empty…

Back at Arkadia, Octavia has found herself in a really dark place. She’s still clearly grieving Lincoln and that takes a toll on her everyday. She hasn’t forgiven Bellamy yet and she’s living with those demons. Her, along with a lot of Skaikru, believe that Ilian is responsible now for everyone’s future death. And they want to do something about it. The people of Skaikru make their way to med bay where Octavia tells them that the kill is hers.

Bringing Ilian outside to the exact spot where Lincoln died, Octavia has a flood of emotions come back and she realizes that she can’t do it.

Over at Becca’s lab, Raven is using her brain at maximum capacity even though she was told not to. She’s virtually teaching herself to land the pod with only 75% of the fuel needed because that’s all they have left at Arkadia. But it’s proving to be harder than expected and she’s feeling the consequences. She begins have an actual mental breakdown and begins physically attacking Murphy. Luckily, Luna is there to calm her down and talk her off the ledge. Luna is coming in pretty handy recently and it’s not just because her blood will probably save the human race.

Raven is stressing out over landing this ship. Her brain is in overdrive and from what Abby said last episode, that can’t be good. But Raven is Raven and she won’t give up until she lands this ship with 0% fatality and 0% cargo destruction. Luna suggests that she lands it in the water. Ding ding ding. One last attempt in the simulator and Raven nails the landing into the water. But just after Raven perfects her landing with the exact amount of gas they have, Clarke radios that they lost a barrel of hydrazine. Raven begins seizing.

All in all, this was an action-packed episode and it’s hard to believe that we’re not even half way through the season yet with everything that’s happened so far.

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The 100 airs every Wednesday night at 9/8c on The CW.