15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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8. Thank you (4.01)

"“Thank you. For keeping me alive.” “You don’t make it easy.”"

In the aftermath of ALIE, taking down the City of Light and everyone getting their pain back – plus a tidbit of information about the Earth being soaked in radiation soon – things are grim. People are crying in the streets, cradling their dead loved ones, trying to make sense of what happened. Once Bellamy and Clarke make it down, they waste no time, as Clarke launches right into her stress for their next task: saving the world. How do they tell everyone they’re going to die in six months? How do they stop it?

What next?

It’s Bellamy, again, that grounds her, telling her to give the people just a little time to regroup, and work on a solution, and in the meantime, jokes about needing a break from saving her life.

But it’s no joke to her. She looks at him, grateful, and thanks him for keeping her alive, knowing he kept guard over her physical body as she was in the City of Light fighting ALIE with the help of Lexa and Raven. He played a role in keeping her body safe, while Abby and Murphy pumped nightblood into her system from Ontari’s dead body.

It was a group effort, but Clarke is grateful, nonetheless. It’s a small moment, but one where Clarke acknowledges that he has her back and that she appreciates that. That means something.