Spring Baking Championship Ep 2, Destination Donuts & Tropical Treats


The third season debuted with two new episodes. Destination donuts and tropical treats tempted viewers and challenged the bakers.

With one baker sent packing from the kitchen, the second episode of Food Network Spring Baking Championship asked the remaining eight bakers to focus on flavor. Since the show’s theme is Spring, this episode focuses on Spring destinations. The two challenges feature tropical treats and destination donuts.

During the first challenge, bakers are paired into teams of two. Each team is paired by matching a favorite tropical drink flavor. These flavors could be found in a drink while on a Spring vacation. The bakers make dishes using mango, banana and key lime.

This challenge provides great tips for the at-home baker. While some of the dishes appear complicated, the baker-contestants share easy to replicate tips. For example, swirling banana puree into ice cream creates a strong banana flavor.

Tropical Treats, Spring Baking Championship, photo from Food Network

The team winning the advantage in the main heat was Adam and Daniela. Their key lime tart tasted like a tropical paradise. The key lime inspired desserts earned them pre-boarding passes for them main heat challenge. The winners got first vacation destination theme choice.

Beaches, mountains, and city escapes inspire destination donuts.

Destination Donuts, Spring Baking Championship, photo from Food Network

The main heat continued the Spring travel theme with destination donuts. Each baker contestant had to choose a Spring vacation travel destination theme to their donuts. Tasked with making a dozen donuts, decorated three different ways, and donut holes, the bakers channeled vacation memories.

Again, the baker contestants must balance good flavors with inspired decorations. From watery escapes to city dreaming, most of the bakers captured their Spring vacation destinations. Flavor and proper baking techniques proved to be many bakers downfall. Dry donuts, heavy cake, and dense donuts lead to disastrous results. A tropical beach getaway wins, while the mountain getaway is stranded on the slopes.

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Spring Baking Championship Season 3, episode 3 returns on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.