March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Humble Pie

This Humble Pie recipe from King Arthur Flour is really a galette. They call it humble because of its shape, which most people refer to as free-form or rustic.

Berries and peaches make up this galette’s filling, along with a bit of flour to turn those beautiful fruit juices into yummy goo. If you’re going to do your own crust, it contains flour, salt, baking powder, one egg, cold water. In addition, it asks for vegetable shortening and butter, so it’s both tender and flaky. There’s also the option to add a tablespoon of dried buttermilk powder, which really is a thing that exists.

The recipe calls for fresh or frozen berries. Frozen berries are easier to get in the not-quite-spring of mid-March, and they’re perfect for pie filling. Do not thaw your berries before you mix them with sugar and flour (or cornstarch, whatever). The precious juices will leak out and your berries will be sad and deflated like Tom Brady’s football. No one wants that.

So let’s address the name: Humble pie. It’s a weird thing to call a fruit galette, especially because it already has a name. Also, humble pie is already a thing, albeit a very old one: I found a recipe from 1743. Humbles are what Anthony Bourdain calls the “nasty bits.” We’re talking about entrails, liver, heart, kidneys, and all that organ meat that you don’t find in fine steak houses.

Recommended ice cream pairing: The berries and peaches would pair nicely with the richness of butter pecan ice cream.