The Best Part of Logan Isn’t What You’d Expect


With our final Hugh Jackman as Wolverine film, Logan didn’t disappoint us. But there was one thing that really made this movie special.

When it comes to Logan, many are talking about how great the movie is. And they’re right! It’s awesome but there is a storyline that truly makes it a special superhero film. For one, it is touching in a way that most superhero flicks are not.

Spoilers for Logan follow.

But more than that, the family storyline is what makes Logan stand out. In the film, Wolverine takes care of a dying Charles Xavier. He gives him his medicine and lives his life wishing he could die. But Professor X continues to talk about this young mutant he can see.

And when we finally meet her, it is clear that Laura (or X-23) is the daughter of Logan. And throughout the movie, she begins to grow on him until she finally calls him “Dad” in the end. It was just a sweet role to see Logan take on.

We’re used to him caring for the students of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning but this is different. She’s his daughter, and he teaches her right from wrong in his own way. But the end, as Wolverine is dying with his daughter trying to save him, it is heartbreaking to watch her crying.

She finally realized that her father loved her and the Wolverine realized that he could help her. It’s a cool role to see the Wolverine take on and it was a great final movie.

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Logan is still in theaters, and see this movie while you can. It is a great send off to Patrick Stewart’s Charles and Jackman’s Wolverine. After all, they are some of our favorite heroes of all time.