The 100 Gets Renewed For Fifth Season, Fans Ecstatic


The CW’s post-apocalyptic teen drama The 100 just got renewed for its fifth season and fans on social media are going wild about it.

Season 4 of The 100 hasn’t even hit mid-season yet but already, the popular post-apocalyptic show has already been renewed for a fifth season by The CW. After a bumpy third season when the show killed off a character very close to a lot of fans’ hearts, it was up in the air if this fourth season would be the show’s last. Turns out, the amount of fans that stuck around far outnumbered the fans who turned it away, so a season 5 is coming in hot.

News of this is coming straight from the official The 100 Writers Room via Twitter, where they dropped an article put out by Deadline.

We’re still not even sure how season 4 ends yet, but at least we know they’ll end up saving the world somehow. I mean, you can’t have a season 5 without Clarke Griffin saving the entirety of the human race. Or can you? It’ll be a long time coming before we find out.

Here’s what fans have to say on social media.

We do know that this means there’s more of chance that we’ll see a Unity Days 2018 now:

Some are here for the ships:

Some are already bracing themselves for defeat:

Some are just plain excited:

And of course, the cast and crew have something to say about it, too:

Well fellow fans, we can rest easy now that we know the show we all know and love won’t be ending anytime soon. But that just leaves us with the question: Who will live and who will die?

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Season 4 is far from over. But the next episode of The 100 premieres next Wednesday at 9/8 on The CW. Stay tuned for our recap and review of each new episode right here on Culturess!