Watch the Gorgeous Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer and Be Amazed


The official Mass Effect: Andromeda launch trailer lays out the story, drops some beats, and shows the world exactly just how beautiful a game can look.

There are more than several space films that depict a majority of the settlers asleep in pods. (See: this year’s Passengers, which is the most recent in my mind.)  We’ve been there, done that. The ship docked at launch bay 57 more than 5 years ago.

But what I love most about Mass Effect is that it’s never just about survival. There’s a real sense of community there that comes from meeting other alien species and learning to work with them for the sake of the galaxy. Like, Commander Shepherd wasn’t just trying to save the crew aboard the Normandy. Similarly, the Pathfinder needs everyone’s help.

Before Rag’n’Bone Man drops his “Human” track, we hear the exchange where one character asks “Who are these guys?” And the answer is clear: “Visitors, just like us.” Whether this narrative is meant to be a reflection of our current times or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that Andromeda wants you to save the galaxy together.

Following several gameplay videos, PAX East gave us the release of the official launch trailer that is about as stunning as it gets. Never mind that I have no intention of ever meeting Scott Ryder. Sara, where you at?

Check it out:

In other news, the guy who voices Scott Ryder, Tom Taylorson, has the best reaction tweet for how I feel about every piece of Mass Effect news or clips that I see.


I know everyone’s going to go buy this game and just pop it into the console to play. But I want the whole experience. I want to set up surround sound, find a dark cave and buy the best barcalounger on the East coast. It’s not just a game, okay? It’s an experience.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda hits shelves on March 21. If you pre-order the Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition, you get a bunch of extra goodies like a Nomad skin and multiplayer packs.