Doctor Who Season 10 Finale Spoilers Start to Emerge


Filming on the Doctor Who Season 10 finale is under way, and we’re finally getting some hints about what’s going on in this episode. Here’s a hint: There are several familiar faces.

Filming is under way on the final two-parter of Doctor Who Season 10. Also known as Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah as the Twelfth Doctor. (Or at least until the 2017 Christmas special – and his impending regeneration – roll around.) Naturally, fans are eager for any information about what the season’s end will look like.

Well, good news, Whovians. It finally seems as though we’re getting a few more details! Several fans on Twitter have shared photos and videos from the finale filming. And while we have no idea what’s happening, story-wise, they do provide some clues. The BBC previously announced that classic Who villain – and Capaldi’s favorite monster – the Mondasian Cyberman would be returning for the first time in 50 years as part of the finale story. But it looks like a few more recognizable faces will be joining them, though in what capacity we don’t yet know.

It looks like the Doctor will face off against multiple types of Cybermen. Yup, not just the old-school Mondasian version. Various types of the metal monsters were spotted during filming. These included the current, more modern version and the incarnation featured in Neil Gaiman’s “Nightmare in Silver” episode.

What on earth is going on here? It’s impossible to tell from a few fan photos and videos. A best guess might be some sort of “time out of joint” plot that brings all the Cybermen together. Or they could get a little push from an outside source.

We already know that Michelle Gomez’s Missy will be returning for the season finale as well. Could she be involved in creating this Cyberman-palooza we see here? We haven’t seen the Master – er, the Mistress – since the Season 9 two-parter of “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar”. So we don’t have any idea what she’s been up to. (Well, other than the fact that she clearly survived her dire run-in with the Daleks just fine.) Will she be a friend or a foe to the Doctor this time around? And why is she always tied up with Cybermen anyway? Maybe it’s not a coincidence after all.

But, as with so many things to do with Doctor Who, we’ll have to wait and see. And, of course, engage in as much wild speculation as possible in the meantime.

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Doctor Who Season 10 begins on April 15 on BBC One and BBC America.