Always Sunny S12E10 Recap: Emotion and Eggs for a Stunning Finale


The Always Sunny gang has a few demons they’re still working out but their contradictory nature shines bright in the Season 12 finale.

It’s actually kind of funny that this was the episode to air on International Women’s Day. Always Sunny’s Season 12 finale “Dennis’ Double Life” focused more on the women of the show rather than Dennis himself. And what transpired was a show filled with high emotions, character continuity, and some of the gang’s long-time desires being realized into reality.

Let’s take a final look at one of many of Dennis’ alter egos as we chronicle the life and death of Brian LaFavre.

Bad Daddy

It wouldn’t be an Always Sunny episode without someone bursting in with terrible news. This time, it’s Dennis who delivers the crushing blow. He tells the gang to not call him Dennis. In fact, he isn’t Dennis to them at all. After some confusion as to who the rest of the gang is and what hand Dennis writes with, we meet Mandy, an old tryst of Dennis’ from his stopover in North Dakota (“The Gang Beats Boggs”). We also meet his son Brian Jr., named for Dennis’ alias Brian LeFavre. The thought of him reproducing is unnerving in its own right.

Since Dennis has no money, the gang has to concoct a plan to get rid of this North Dakotan and her son. Mac is fully committed to his sexuality at this point in the series, so he suggests that Dennis tell Mandy he’s gay, and Mac is his lover. Dennis shoots down that idea but circles back around to it after Frank suggests an Indecent Proposal kind of deal, where Mandy becomes entranced by a millionaire and leaves Dennis in the dust.

As we watch Dennis and Mac try to convince Mandy they are lovers in their newly-renovated apartment, featuring a home gym with Episode 6’s Assblastor 4000 as the only piece of equipment. Dennis is less excited to talk about his position as ‘power bottom’ with Mac than he was in “The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis,” but a whole new problem is thrust on them when Mac agrees to help raise little Brian Jr. At this point, it’s clear Mac just wants to be a father (since his own was so terrible), but wants an unwilling Dennis to be by his side. And to be his “gimp,” something Dennis is clearly not into.


There was a weird theme centering around the ladies of this show, and it had to do with eggs and emotional states. Dee’s friends all wrote her off as “too emotional” simply because she’s a woman. But it’s clear to the audience all she wants is a moments rest away from these unstable dudes.

We’re also treated to the long-awaited return of The Waitress, played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who is Charlie Day’s real-life wife. Charlie, inspired by all the baby talk decides for another go at her, saying he wants to help her raise a family. We learn she’s been eyeing pre-schools and longingly looking at children. Charlie notes the downward trajectory her life has been on, not noting how close she was in the gang’s orbit when all these bad things happened to her. She actually makes a connection with Charlie, where he admits there’s no one better for him and that he loves her. It’s a touching moment that makes one forget he’s been legitimately stalking her for at least 12 years.

Charlie and the Waitress finally consummate this warped ‘love’ they’ve been cultivating, but unfortunately she gets weird. She’s all for the baby idea, but wants to change everything about Charlie’s life. He starts to see clearly the woman he’s been in love with all these years may not be the right one from him. He takes refuge in Dee’s apartment, who have been slowly adding themselves back into her vacant space. Frank let Charlie have time with the Waitress, Charlie decided to “ghost” his newfound love, and even Dennis comes back in with Brian Jr., needing a break from parenting.

The boys of the group seem obsessed with eating eggs, and continually make references to eggs at Dee. It was a bit of heavy-handedness in an episode that revolved around babies. When Dee finally hits her breaking point, she gets crazed, and all the men use that as a driving point that women are indeed emotional. This goes back to old jokes from the likes of George Carlin and Louis CK. Case in point? Men drive women crazy in all sorts of ways. Dee’s gang just makes her crazed in a way where she holds a child up over her head and threatens to “smash it.” (“Why don’t you smash an egg in a pan?” -Charlie)

Get Out of Here

The gang tries a few more tactics in order to oust Mandy from their lives, even giving Frank’s Indecent Proposal a shot. He offers her $5,000 for one night of ‘passion,’ and will fly her back out for another if she so chooses. (“Price goes down because I already had you.” – Frank). With that a bust, Dee decides “It’s time for Brian LeFavre to die.”

They stage an assassination attempt in the bar’s alley, where Dennis confesses he’s a CIA agent and has been compromised. The gang botches the setup by painfully faking a bullet to Dennis’ torso, as he collapses and ‘dies’ on a pile of garbage. Mandy has had enough, and she basically walks out on the entire gang (who are standing by mourning Dennis’ loss). She’s honest with him, saying she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with her. And with that, she walks away.

The gang celebrates in the bar with their own patented dances we’ve seen (Charlie’s Butt Dance and Dee’s Inflatable Tube Man Dance). Meanwhile, Mandy’s honesty is resonating with Dennis, who sits uncomfortably at the bar. He bursts to life, screaming about how he can’t do this anymore and how everything around him is done. He decides to go and be a father. But his friends all thwart his attempts at a dramatic exit, even shutting the lights off a’la the Cheers finale.

We end on as positive a note as Sunny can give us. Dennis’ RPG from Episode 7 is finally put to good use. But Mac is behind the trigger this time. He uses his black market rocket launcher and blows up Dennis’ beloved Range Rover, as the rest of the gang cheers.

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The End?

So that’s it. Season 12 has come to a close. It was a whirlwind season, starting off with a bang and keeping up with the continuity. There’s been whispers that Glenn Howerton may not be coming back, making his final words in this episode all the more cryptic. FXX has renewed it for at least two more seasons, so at this point there really is no limit to what the Always Sunny gang will be up to next.