The 100 Season 4 Episode 5 “The Tinder Box” Recap


The 100 returned this week with a brand new episode titled “The Tinder Box” and once again, it didn’t disappoint its audience.

Nothing like kicking off the episode with Octavia warning everyone that war is coming. But that’s the show we all know and love. We’re back with another action-packed episode of The 100 this week so buckle up, kids. Let’s talk episode 5…

Ice Nation Vs. Skaikru

I’m jumping right into the Arkadia/Ice Nation issue. Clarke is still worrying about Bellamy and why he hasn’t returned yet. Niylah shows up with the meats she has preserved for them and before she can leave, Ilian rushes in with Octavia’s limp body. She’s stabbed, soaked in blood, and close to death. Clarke gets her breathing and the first thing that comes out of Octavia’s mouth is that the Ice Nation army is coming.

"“War is here.”"

Skaikru prepares to greet Ice Nation’s army. As the army comes up over a cliff, Clarke is happily standing there ready to chat. The army is surrounded by Skaikru and their laser guns. Roan brings out the prisoners (Bellamy and Kane), making sure to warn Clarke that if she pulls any funny business, the prisoners die. And since the prisoners are basically her boyfriend and her dad, I doubt she’ll pull anything on them. Clarke tells Roan to come with her so he goes to negotiate. Riley is the only one that refuses to let up his gun on the king. He wants to get revenge for taking him as a slave. Monty talks him out of it… For now.

Surprise! Riley is missing about 5 minutes into it so Monty has to go save his ass. Monty swaps himself for Bellamy so Bell and Echo can go stop Riley from starting a war. So while Becho are stopping Riley from killing the King, Clarke is offering up 50 spots on Alpha Station to him. Which he luckily takes! Yay, everyone is happy! Fifty spots will go to Ice Nation. Fifty spots will go to Skaikru. They’ll figure it all out later, at least no war has begun yet. So everything is good now. Right? Wrong…

Because back at Alpha Station, Ilian is causing all sorts of problems. He wants to destroy the tech so nothing can ever take over his brain again. Fair enough. So naturally, he blows up the entirety of Alpha Station. See ya later, tech!

Roan, Clarke, and both of their kru’s see this explosion and rush back to the Ark just in time to see it being destroyed. See ya later, shelter!

Becca’s Lab

On the other side of things, Becca’s lab is seeing quite some action with Raven, Abby, and Jackson in it. We learn that Raven’s brain is suffering some side-effects from the upgrade it got but it also knows pretty much everything at this point.

Raven suffers a seizure but while doing so, she solves the question behind night blood proteins and how they bind to the blood cells. Turns out, they bind when their is zero gravity. Well that’s pretty inconvenient because they only place with zero gravity is in space…

Queue Raven’s mega-brain. When Raven got her brain upgrade, it was also given the information of Becca’s as well as ALIE’s, so not only does Raven know what ALIE knew, she knows what Becca knew. And that comes in handy because they need a space shuttle that’ll take them to space to complete this night blood serum. And Becca had that.

It becomes clear that as long as Raven overworks her upgraded brain, then she’ll keep suffering these seizures and strokes, which will eventually lead to death. Raven being Raven, doesn’t care that her life is at stake, and overworks it anyway to save the human race.

Gotta love that girl.

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The 100 airs on Wednesday at 9/8 c on The CW.