The Best International Women’s Day 2017 Protest Signs


International Women’s Day was yesterday and to say the least; the protest was also international. Here are the ten best protest signs.

This year marks the 108th International Woman’s Day.  Many celebrated the day at home, or if they could not take the day off wore, red in solidarity. Many also took to the streets to protest the policies that threaten women.

Most years, IWD is a low-key affair, but this year the stakes are too high. Women in the U.S. weren’t the only ones protesting; there were hundreds of protest going on all around the globe. And it’s a beautiful sight to see. Thankfully, people around the world have posted pictures on social media, and we were able to gather the ten best protest signs from today’s events.

Check them out below:

10. This protester is obviously tired of seeing the late night twitter rants from the President of the United States. It’s gotten so bad that some believe they are simultaneously addicted and terrified to read his tweets.

9. This husband needs to give a clinic to other spouses on how to be a real partner. Not only does his wife get the day off but he is going to protest in her place. To that, I say bravo.

8. I’m really loving the business the women of India are giving the Chief Minister. These wonderful women banded together on this International Women’s Day to protest the unfair wage and caste system that leaves them behind.

7. This young woman is hitting back rape culture using the lyrics from Sir Mix A lot biggest hit, “Baby Got Back.” You have to admit, you can’t help but sing the song in your head using the new lyrics.

6. The rallying cry of men who are against women’s day protest is for women to make them a sandwich. Men who say this truly think they are funny. It’s not. This might be why I like this poster so much.

5. A protester in Los Angeles decided to get personal with her sign. She decided to make a hand written sign directly to the President. Note that her sign is a chalkboard. She already knows she’s going to be protesting…a lot.

4. Liz who is from Romanian sees what is happening in the U.S. defunding Planned Parenthood and is trying to warn us all. We should heed her warnings.

3. I love this for so many reasons. The reason this has moved me to add them to the list is that these young women of color have one simple request, “Don’t turn your back on us.” Women of color have been at every notable protest since the suffrage movement. When it came time to support them during the Black Live Matter movement many were let down by the lack of solidarity. You can’t have feminism without intersectionality. This also goes for our non-cis gender friends. Many times they are left out when they are our allies.

2. I know I kinda cheated with having four signs in one post but this is so good I wouldn’t splitting them up. There’s so much win here. If the feminist movement were ever to adopt a saying, I hope it’s the quote from Senator Mitch McConnell, “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” Not only would McConnell hate his words being used against him but would show you can’t silence Elizabeth Warren just like you can’t silence us. The addition of a still from the movie Mommie Dearest with the quote “No Wire Hangers” is an outcry for no back alley abortions.

1. This might be the most poignant International Women’s Day protest sign of them all. Yes, we protest for ourselves, but we also do it for the generation that comes after us. As stewards of the country, it’s our obligation to leave it better than we found it. When you are asked 10 or 20 years down the road if you helped to protect women’s rights what are you going to say?

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