Wizards Will Be Observing the Women’s Strike Today


For those who do not know, Wizards is run mainly by women meaning that without us, this site will not run. So we will be observing the Women’s Strike today.

This site is run primarily by women so Wizards and What Not will be observing the Women’s Strike. A day without us means that this site does not go up. This isn’t a comment on anyone’s political officiation, just simply an act to show how important women are in the world at large.

We join our sister site Culturess and Doctor Who Watch in standing in unison and expressing the importance of women. For years, our fellow women have worked hard to make sure that we, as women, had the freedom to do these kinds of things.

So with that mindset, we don’t want to lose whatever traction those women gained. We don’t want to get thrown in the background because of the current political climate in our country. So we here at Wizards are taking the day to make it clear just how much this world would be without the things it loved if women weren’t there.

But don’t worry, we’ll be back with our regular schedule come Thursday. But today, March 8th, we’re going to sit and enjoy the freedoms that women before us afforded us. Because really, it is important that we recognize how important women are.

After all, where would the Harry Potter series be without women? Here, I’ll answer it for you. It wouldn’t exist because J.K Rowling wouldn’t have been able to write it.

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Check back here on Wizards and What Not for our normal posts come Thursday morning. Then we will be back to normal and be ready to continue our work.