A Day Without A Woman: Why It’s Important to Participate in Some Way


A Day Without A Woman (Logo via Women’s March)

It’s International Women’s Day and the organizers of the Women’s March have called for “A Day Without A Woman” in the United States. Here’s why it’s important to participate in some way.

Editors’ note: This piece was written prior to today, March 8, but we are publishing it today as a meditation on the nature of A Day Without a Woman.

March 8th is International Women’s Day. One day in 365 to celebrate women isn’t bad. This year, instead of simply basking in the joy of the women around us, the organizers of the Women’s March in January are calling for “A Day Without A Woman”. What does that mean exactly? Here’s what they’re asking for women to do on March 8th:

"1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses)3. Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman"


First of all, it’s important to understand that some women may not be able to do all (or any) of these–due to economic reasons, because they wear a uniform at work, or simply because they will be penalized for taking the day off. It’s key to remember on this day that we shouldn’t have an “us” versus “them” attitude when it comes to other women. We should support each other and try to understand that the very oppression we are fighting will prevent some women from participating in a way they would like.


However, for everyone who is able to participate, there are good reasons to do so. In the fight against policies that disproportionately impact women, we’ve been up against a lot. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so solidarity and supporting one another is an important part of the resistance. Seeing others participating will help lift spirits and keep up momentum.


We can’t have Women’s Marches every weekend (I mean, we could, but that might not make sense). The strike will be hard to quantify and not as obvious as marches, but still a chance to demonstrate the impact that women have in the world either through their absence or their lack of spending. Women play a huge role in the world, so what will happen when they take the day off? That’s what we will see on March 8th.


While the Women’s Marches drew international attention, “A Day Without A Woman” will likely be more obvious on a local level. Maybe your favorite clothing shop is closed in solidarity or you notice only dudes serving up coffee. In North Carolina, some students have the day off because teachers were planning to strike. As many of us know, changes are made at the local level. Personal connections make a difference. By participating in the strike in some way, you’re letting your neighbors, co-workers, and friends know that you take the issue seriously. This might even encourage some of them to join The Resistance. You never know!

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By standing in solidarity with women on “A Day Without Women” in some way, you’re sacrificing to show support for your fellow women and acknowledge the importance of women’s equality in the world. And I’d say that’s something worth making some noise about.