New Music Releases For Friday, March 10th


Welcome to this edition of New Music Releases, wherein we talk about all of the newest music that will be coming out on Friday, March 10th.

This edition of new music releases will feature a much more diverse list of albums from artists both old (Soundgarden) and new (Murs). Whether you like pop rock, classic rock, or hip-hop, the new music releases this week will sure to have something that will tickle your fancy, and be a worthy addition to your iPod.

So let’s take a look at the new music releases for the second week of March.

Bush, Black and White Rainbows

There was a time that Gavin Rossdale was known for more than being the now-ex-Mr. Gwen Stefani. In fact, 90’s babies will remember that it was Rossdale’s band, Bush, that gave Gwen and No Doubt an opening spot on their tour, which blew Gwen Stefani’s career wide open. In any event, Gavin Rossdale is back to his musical roots with the not-original Bush lineup to bring a new album of pop-grunge tracks called Black and White Rainbows. At the height of Bush’s popularity, they were derided for being Nirvana rip-offs; today, however, in the wake of Creed, emo-rock, and shoe-gazing hipsters, Bush’s music is a welcome respite.

"Track list:1. Mad Love2. Peace-S3. Water4. Lost In You5. Sky Turns Day-Glo6. Toma Mi Corazon7. All The Worlds Within You8. Nurse9. The Beat of Your Heart10. Dystopia11. Ray of Light12. Ravens13. Nothing But A Car Chase14. The Edge of Love15. People At War"

Murs, Captain California

In terms of new music releases, this is perhaps the quirkiest of all. While hip-hop, today, tends to be associated with brutal misogyny, “trap life,” and men rapping about guns they never shot, money they never spent, and women they never slept with, Murs prefers to keep the focus on telling a story rather than reeking of braggadocio. Another interesting fact: Murs currently holds the world record for the world’s longest rap. Impressive — most impressive!

"Track list:1. Lemon Juice (feat. Curtiss King)2. Shakespeare On The Low3. GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)4. Colossus5. Another Round6. Xmas And Thanksgiving7. Summer8. 1000 Suns9. One Uh Those Days10. G Is For Gentrify11. Animals Damnit12. Ay Caramba13. Wanna Be High14. Same Ol’ Day15. Survivor"

Soundgarden, Ultramega OK Deluxe Edition

Of all the new music releases, this one is, perhaps, the oldest one of all. The original version of this album was released more than 30 years ago (feeling old yet?), and introduced the world to Chris Cornell‘s howling rock roar that pleased grunge fans the world over ever since. With Soundgarden’s 2012 “comeback” album, King Animal, plus a just-announced spring tour, now seemed as good a time as any to bring back the Sub Pop album that was one of the cornerstones of the grunge-rock movement. The album, at the time, went largely unnoticed outside of the Seattle scene because it was a far cry from the “hair metal” that dominated the airwaves of the time. However, in today’s world, these songs are remarkably prescient.

"Track list:1. Flower2. All Your Lies3. 6654. Beyond The Wheel5. 6676. Mood For Trouble7. Circle Of Power8. He Didn’t9. Smokestack Lightning10. Nazi Driver11. Head Injury12. Incessant Mace13. One Minute Of Silence14. Head Injury (Early Version)15. Beyond The Wheel (Early Version)16. Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version]17. He Didn’t (Early Version)18. All Your Lies (Early Version)19. Incessant Mace (Long) [Early Version]"

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What do you think of these new music releases?