Nike is adding a new inclusive plus-size line, sizes range from 1X-3X


Nike is finally offering a new collection of active-wear clothing for plus size women! And, they’re trendy, colorful and fit sizes 1X-3X.

Despite what you’ve heard, women of all shapes and sizes can be fit and healthy. Traditionally, active-wear designers have ignored plus-sized women. Maybe they assumed larger women were not being active and didn’t need workout clothes? Well, that assumption is completely false.

Let me tell you as a plus-size woman with a large bust and hips, I need clothes that fit my body and move easily when I move. Whether I’m doing some yoga moves at home or going on a weekend hike, I deserve fitness clothes for my body shape just as much as a thin woman. Can I get an Amen to that?

Thankfully, one of the most popular active-wear brands is getting on board with plus-size wear. Nike is offering new, trendy plus-size clothing for women sizes 1X-3X. 

Here’s a statement about the new collection from Nike’s Vice President of Women’s training apparel Helen Boucher:

"“We know that body weights are distributed differently for everybody and as we look at plus size, there is more variance,” Helen Boucher, Nike’s vice president of women’s training apparel, said in a statement. “When we design for plus size, we aren’t just proportionately making our products larger. That doesn’t work because as we know, everyone’s weight distribution is different.”"

It’s so refreshing to read that Nike realizes that one size does not fit all in the plus-size community. Some retailers think that making clothes simply larger is the key but it isn’t when there are such diverse bodies.

We all know that black is very flattering and has a slimming effect, but it’s a boring, bland color. I love bursts of color in my clothing. Nike realizes the importance of color and has chosen colors that are also flattering and pair well with neutral looks.

"“For plus size, we do also take a particular eye to color,” said Boucher. “We pick colors that we know flatter her form more. We know from talking to women that while they want black on tight-fitting garments, since black is very flattering, they also want bright pops of color,” Boucher clarified. “To deliver this, women might accentuate with foundational pieces like the Pro Bra, a tank or a jacket.”"

The Pro Bra might be the most important item from this line … for me anyway. Trying to workout without a good sports bra is miserable when the “twins” have a mind of their own. Bra sizes will go up to 38E.

You can click here to explore more of Nike’s plus-size collection!

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Hopefully, more active-wear brands will follow Nike’s lead and add more options because according to Nike, “Strong is the keyword for us; size doesn’t matter.”