Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14 “The Raid” Preview: Will Sam and Dean Finally Join the British Men of Letters?


Can a vampire hunt convince Sam and Dean to join their mom’s alliance with the British Men of Letters? Supernatural gets fangy in next week’s “The Raid”.

Last week’s Supernatural ended on an uncomfortable detente between Mary and the boys. After admitting to hiding her partnership with the British Men of Letters, Dean and Sam don’t know if they can trust their own mother.

“The Raid” is shaping up to be typical Supernatural bait-and-switch hunt – everything seems like the normal monster of the day, until a big bad we all know and pops up out of nowhere.

"A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the alpha-vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary and the British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam and Dean."

It seems like Mama Winchester is tag-teaming it with BOML assassin Arthur Ketch, so it’ll prove to be an interesting dynamic with the brothers:

Will the boys have to save Mary (and Arthur) from the Alpha Vamp?

Well hello there, Alpha, long time no see! This is a nice bit of SPN lore back from the dead (pun intended). It seems like they’re going in for a normal vampire nest raid, but somehow things turn sour when the Alpha shows up. Mary seems to be working the job with Arthur, but then Sam and Dean are shown fighting vampires, so maybe they come in to save her.

This throws an interesting wrench into the British Men of Letters’ rhetoric that they’re much more capable than American hunters. If the boys have to save Arthur, they’ll be proven right that they don’t need the BOML. It seems like it’s just going to get even more uncomfortable with Mom Winchester.

If the British Men of Letters are proven wrong, does this mean they’ll go away in time for the Satan-centric finale?

Everything’s gearing up to the big nephilim question. What will happen to Kelly Kline’s half-archangel baby? Will Satan break free of Crowley’s reprogramming and team up with his child?

The British Men of Letters plotline doesn’t really fit with this. Even though it’s the season finale and anything can happen, the BOML present too many in-universe questions. Supernatural may use “The Raid” to wrap up this plotline with a bow.

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