25 reasons we wish Robb Stark from Game of Thrones was still alive

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Robb Stark from Game of Thrones. Actor: Richard Madden. Courtesy of HBO

Robb Stark was the King of the North and we loved him as the oldest Stark. So when he died, it ruined many of the fans. Here’s why we miss him.

When fans of Game of Thrones watched the demise of Robb Stark, we all thought our lives were over. Well, that’s being overdramatic, but it was hard for fans of the show when his character was killed off. We all remember the warning our friends gave us who read the books when we said our favorite character was Robb.

For those who didn’t read the books, all we would hear was “wait until the Red Wedding” when we mentioned our fave. So of course those of us who were curious did some searching. When we all found out that Robb died a horrible death, well it was hard. But what if he didn’t die? Wouldn’t that be incredible?

We think so (or at least I do), so I have compiled a list of the 25 reasons we wish that Robb Stark was alive. And yes some of them have to do with his looks. Because really, that boy is absolutely beautiful. But a lot have to do with the fact that Robb was a great character and one that the show truly benefited from.

So from those beautiful eyes of his to the fact that Robb was one of the best of the Stark children, here are the reasons we wish he was still alive.