Baylor Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey tells fans to assault BU critics


Baylor Women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey wants fans to punch critics of Baylor’s handling reports of sexual assaults and for them to move on.

What was supposed to be a celebratory moment for Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey has turned into something just awful. After recording her 500th career win as a head coach over in-state rival Texas Tech, she took the opportunity to address the fans in defense of the Baylor University. The ongoing sexual assault cases against the university and the cover-up have taken its toll on employees. Coach Mulkey used the opportunity to state how she feels about Baylor and its critics.

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"“If somebody is around you and they ever say ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face.”"

You heard that correctly, folks. Her solution to quiet the critics of Baylor’s handling 52 acts of rape at the hands of Baylor football players is for fans to cause an another assault. Don’t get me wrong, what she said is appalling. However, I could almost forgive what she said if she had apologized. I get her frustration. She’s worked for years to make Baylor the premier women’s basketball program in the country.

To have all of those accomplishments overshadowed by the horrible acts of the University President and the football program has to be frustrating. But here’s the thing: it’s not her right to get mad at the critics. Get angry at the people who allowed this to happen at your university. Get upset at the individuals who put the safety of the female students and your players below the reputation of a man. That’s where her outrage should be focused on, not the parents who have serious questions about the safety of their daughters.

Again, Mulkey could have walked back her courtside comments at the post-game press conference.

Unfortunately, she decided to dig her heels in.

Apparently, the coach has become tired of hearing about it and thinks it’s over. She seems to think that there’s nothing to see here She even goes as far as to say, “that the problems at Baylor are no different than any other school in America.” And I don’t disagree with her. We have seen the media catch several colleges trying to cover up assault cases. Let’s be honest, though: it’s nowhere near the level at Baylor University.

Here’s an idea, coach. Instead of trying to erase what happen at your beloved university, why don’t you become an advocate for rape victims? How about admitting the problems at Baylor and talking about how you’re also trying to fix them? I can assure you, your comments did not help Baylor. Nor did they change the minds of parents on the fence about sending their daughter to that university.

As of this afternoon, however, Mulkey has apologized for what she said, per ESPN. To be more accurate, she apologized for her “very poor choice of words.”

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What do you think of Coach Kim Mulkey’s comments? Is she completely off base or does she have a point? Tell us in the comments section below.