Hillary Clinton Reminds Democrats To Keep Fighting


Hillary Clinton is back on the scene to remind Democrats to keep up the hard work and never give up on their values. Oh yeah, and that whole ‘Stronger Together’ thing.

Good news: HILLARY IS BACK!!! And she’s glowing. In a new video released on The Democrats YouTube channel, Hillary Clinton takes a moment to thank the party for support during the election and remind Democrats that hope isn’t lost. Even though plenty of people aren’t feeling very hopeful, Hillary is still optimistic that our “best days are ahead of us”. Well, as long as we recognize our differences and stick together.

Instead of the negative, Hillary focuses on the positive that has come out of the election — like an increase in grassroots activism for one. Hillary may have been out hiking in the woods trying to recover from her devastating loss (haven’t we all?!), but she clearly has been pay attention to the news and keeping up to date with current affairs, even tweeting her support occasionally.

Hillary believes in us. So shouldn’t we believe in us too? One of her most memorable quotes from the video was clever and warmed my heart:

"“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country.”"

In the video, Hillary gives a nice shout-out to people who have attended women’s marches, airport demonstrations, and even those who like to tweet their activism.

Hillary requests that Democrats stay engaged as they take on the challenges that the party, country, and world face. Whether that’s attending town hall meetings, organizing rallies or running for office.

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Democrats, the ball is in your court now! But don’t worry, Hillary said she’ll be there fighting too. And isn’t that something to be thankful for?