Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 16 “Through Imperial Eyes” Preview


This week on Star Wars Rebels, it’s all about Agent Kallus. In a decidedly political (and VR-promoting) preview, we literally see “Through Imperial Eyes”.

In a huge pivot from the Sabine and Mandalore-centric plotlines of late, Star Wars Rebels is flipping the script. With Thrawn on his trail, the heat is on Agent Kallus, the Rebellion’s new Fulcrum.

This is all Disney XD has released:

"Fearing that the Empire will soon discover the identity of a rebel spy, the Rebels launch a plan to rescue him before his capture."

Yep. It’s the big Agent Kallus extraction episode. I mean, who else could this be about, stormtrooper trainee Leonis?

Is Kallus Sabine’s replacement for the time being?

Hopefully this means we’ll see Kallus alongside (or even joining!) the Ghost crew.Will I finally see more of the blossoming romance between Kallus and Zeb that’s been brewing all along?

Also, the official released stills show a common Star Wars trope – the good guys dress up as Imperials. Ezra and Chopper are shown in full Imperial regalia, like Jyn and Cassian or Luke and Han.

If that’s not enough, this is the first preview:

Wow. OK. Let’s break that down.

  • Disney really wants us to buy VR headsets for future Star Wars media. This feels very video game/choose your own adventure/Old Republic, but in VR.
  • Are we really going to get into the “seeing from the villain’s perspective” discourse? That’s always been…problematic where the Empire’s concerned.
  • Kallus looks SPOOKED, it’s gotta be really bad.
  • Anyone else get chills from the Rogue One trailer-style Imperial siren set to dramatic fades? Once again, great continuity on Filoni’s part.

This episode proves to be the kind that are often Rebels’ strength – a big Imperial heist. Throwing in our favorite man of espionage is just the icing on the rebellious sundae.

However, the episode could go several different ways thematically. It could end up being action-based, cementing Kallus as a “good guy” and cleaning up his redemption arc. Or, it could dredge up some uncomfortable questions about Imperial officers versus rebels.

How are we supposed to feel about seemingly nice, relatable or good-intentioned Imperials?

Rebels hasn’t shied away from this before, so here’s hoping they do it again. Imperial redemption seems to be a popular trend lately. This episode comes right after the Inferno Squad novel announcement. The new canon book will pick up immediately after Rogue One, but, interestingly, through the Inferno Squad’s imperial eyes.

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