Four Things Replacing Victoria on Masterpiece This Year


Victoria’s ending soon, but worry not! Masterpiece on PBS has already put out a trailer teasing some of the series we’ll see this spring.

Series of British television, particularly those series that come to the United States, have a tendency to be particularly short in episode count. On the one hand, that means there’s a low commitment level to binge-watching. On the other, it means that places like PBS, which air British TV on the regular, have to always find the next thing to air, particularly for blocks like Masterpiece. For example, Victoria will come to an end on March 5

So, what’s next?

Well, Masterpiece has already put out a trailer to answer that very question! Check it out below:

Let’s go in chronological order, as per the Masterpiece schedule. First up is To Walk Invisible The Brontë Sisters, which surprisingly enough tells the story of the three Brontë sisters — Charlotte, Emily, and Anne — and how they put their writing talents to use. (Some spoilers: it has to do with the use of pseudonyms. Charlotte, for example, went by Currer Bell, as noted in the Encyclopedia Britannica.) You’ll be able to catch this on March 26.

Next up in April will be a new season and a repeat. Home Fires‘ second season will premiere first, and it’ll move things forward to 1940 in the first episode, with further escalation of World War II at hand. It might make for a nice palate cleanser after the Victorian aesthetic of Victoria, though you may want to catch up on the first season.

Then, Wolf Hall will take the follow-up hour, re-airing the entire series according to the above-linked schedule. Those missing Victoria might enjoy heading back to the Tudor period, since Victoria does like to name-check Elizabeth I in every episode due to the theme song. The Crown fans will also get to see Claire Foy in action as another queen — Anne Boleyn. Both will begin on April 2.

The final series isn’t even listed on the official Masterpiece schedule, but PBS still has the details. Alas, Dark Angel won’t premiere until May 21. Here’s the concept detailed by PBS: Joanne Froggatt (as in, Anna, who deserved approximately none of what happened to her on Downton Abbey) as a Victorian serial killer. There will only be two parts, according to the series page, but we have a feeling they’ll be murderously good, pun fully intended.

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Which of these series catches your eye?