Katherine Waterston Narrates Katie Kitamura’s Latest Novel

The leading lady of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Katherine Waterston helps out an author friend of hers and narrates her latest audiobook!

Actress Katherine Waterston played the sometimes severe but surprisingly warm character of Tina Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This brooding kind of nature allowed a perfect opportunity to float her way. Narrating her friend Katie Kitamura’s latest novel A Separation.

A woman and her husband decide they no longer love each other, and agree to separate. But she’s reluctantly gets dragged back into his drama after he goes missing in a remote part of Greece. As she searches for her ex-love, she realizes she knew less about him than she previously thought.

Artistic Friendship

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kitamura says her friend was actually the visual image for her character as she was writing. “When she agreed to do the audiobook, I was completely thrilled. She’s not only a brilliant actress, she’s also incredibly, ridiculously smart, and I knew that her interpretation of it would be spot on,” says Kitamura.

It’s clear these two really are friends. Mainly because Katherine says during the week she spent preparing for the narrative role, she was trying to imitate Katie’s own voice! She tells EW, “I’ve heard her read live before, and I just always felt like the simple, easy way she has in speaking [her work] suited it so well that I basically just ripped her off.”

Novel Idea

Even more exciting news, Waterston tells EW that she bought the movie rights to Kitamura’s novel! It was something she was hoping to do for a long time. “I couldn’t be a mixed martial artist in her first book, and the second book is basically impossible to adapt because it’s set in a fictional time and place that’s kind of an amalgam of lots of different places,” Waterston says. A Separation sounds like quite the gripping read. And it would be fun to see it on the silver screen as well!

Both the novel and the audiobook are in stores now. If you’re looking for a quick link to the audiobook narrated by Katherine Waterston, you can check it out here.