Love & Hip Hop NY Season 7 Finale Recap and 3 Wildest Moments

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Love & Hip-Hop NY Cast Image via VH1

Did you miss the season finale of Love & Hip Hop NY? Find out what happened here with “The Sit Down” recap and 3 Wildest Moments!

On last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY, the ladies finished off their  trip to Cancún where Yandy and Juju managed to work out their differences. Thankfully, the trip ended well.

Then, Rich Dollaz got set up on blind date by his daughter, Ashley. Turns out, Ashley wanted to set Rich up with her mother, Miracle, which shocked both them. Still, Rich decided to invite her back to his hotel room!

Meanwhile, Samantha planned Lil’ Mendeecees birthday party without Yandy. Although she invited Yandy to attend as a guest, Yandy declined because she no longer wanted to be a part of the drama. Kimbella also tried to attend the party. When security refused to let her inside, she caused a scene. Further, everyone thinks she did so on Yandy’s behalf.

So, here’s where we picked up tonight on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop NY:

DJ Drewski and Sky remain on bad terms. In fact, Drewski opened up at a basketball game explaining that Sky has been staying at her mom’s, but he invited her to the game anyway. Of course, she arrived looking fabulous. So Drewski rushed over to talk to her. Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood to talk. After another argument, Sky left.

Meanwhile, Swift popped in on Cardi B with some roses. He told her that he would like to test their connection. Cardi laughed it off, but appeared to be flattered. Unfortunately, she told him that she was worried about jumping into another relationship. She ended the season by saying that building her career continues to be her focus, and that she received several offers from other TV shows.

On the other hand, Remy wants to stay away from work and spend more time with her family. She and Papoose have been working with their children, DJ and Jace. Remy claims that both kids have come a long way from where they started at the beginning of the season. Papoose set them up with an executive for Hot 97 and she wants them to perform on Who’s Next, which is a come-up program for the radio station. They ended the season watching their children perform on Who’s Next. Their future plans are to help their children build their careers in music.

Finally, Kimbella and Juelz closed the season with a happy future in sight. There wasn’t any drama between them this season, and Kimbella is learning to trust Juelz again. She claims that not only does she have her man, but she also got her best friend back. Plus, she’s still pretty.

Now onto the 3 Wildest Moments…