Real Life Captain America Chris Evans Punches Out Twitter Nazis


Captain America is known for his hatred of the Nazis during World War II so it’s no surprise that Chris Evans himself is fighting Nazis in 2017.

Chris Evans is the man of our dreams. Not just because he’s beautiful and has an amazing body but because he is a feminist, he is politically aware, and he even fights the Nazis in real life! For those who don’t know, Chris got into a battle of words with David Duke on Twitter today. And it really just proves how amazing Chris is.

Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, was seen as too racist to be a judge back in the 80s. (Elizabeth Warren’s silencing in the Senate earlier this week had to do with reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King against giving Sessions the position at the time.) In 2017, he is just racist enough, apparently, to have a cabinet position in Trump’s America. But Chris wasn’t having any of it.

And his tweet spawned a retort from the Holocaust denier and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke.

With Chris’s response an honestly great burn of Duke, you’d think that’d be the end, right? It wasn’t. Chris was determined to share his thoughts on making sure this country was not overrun by hatred. Because, you know, once cast as Captain America, you must always hold the core values that Steve Rogers possesses.

Basically, Chris Evans is a god among us mere mortals and he is constantly just trying to make this world a better place. Not just for his fans and those around him, but for everyone.

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We love you Chris. You make it so easy for us to say we’re your fan. You make sure you support the important issues in this world and you don’t let the hatred that is taking over America consume you. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cap!