The Weasley Family used their pureblood privilege to be allies


The Weasley family used their pureblood privilege for good in their magical realm. They could’ve abandoned their non-pureblood friends but became allies instead.

What the Weasley Family lacked in gold galleons, they made up in a whole lot of heart and advocacy for muggles and wizards of non-pureblood heritage. We all know the Weasley’s were living in poverty by wizard standards and had very little. But, they always managed to share what they had with their family and friends.


Despite their pure-blood status, the Weasleys did not feel superior to other wizards and witches. They openly accepted others, even muggles like you and me, when they could have easily used their pure-blood status to their advantage. The Weasleys were fully aware of their privilege and proud of their “blood traitor”  title, regardless of resentment from other wizarding families.

Here’s all the ways you could be like a Weasley in the Wizarding and Muggle World.

Be a Blood Traitor

The Weasley’s come from a long line of pureblood witches and wizards. They could’ve used their bloodline to be an elitist wizarding family like the awful Malfoys and the Blacks but they refused. Instead, the red-haired, freckled faced family literally used their powers for good. Nothing was more rewarding for this family than helping others.

Be An Advocate For The Underprivileged

Ron was thick headed when it came to understanding the struggle Hermione faced as a muggle-born witch. But, Ron never hesitated when an elitist like Draco Malfoy called her a “filthy mudblood”. He never stood for this behavior and was ready to knock Malfoy off his feet. And, like a good advocate, Ron let Hermione stand up for herself when she was ready. We all remember that suckerpunch she gave to Draco heard ’round Hogwarts.


Let Them Know They’re Welcome Here

Hermione and Harry were linked by their lack of growing up in a traditional wizarding home. Harry suffered more than them all. Harry was orphaned and tormented by his blood relatives on a daily basis. All of the trauma could’ve easily turned Harry into an angsty teen. Thankfully, Molly Weasley opened her burrow every summer even though it was already bursting at the seams.

Cut Ties With Toxic People

When word spread that Lord Voldemort was back, the Ministry was slow to accepting this dreadful truth. Percy had pledged allegiance to the Ministry and he too was in disbelief. Cutting ties with him may have been painful, especially for Molly, but it was necessary in order to defeat Lord Voldemort. In the end, Percy got onboard with the effort and fought along his brothers and sisters during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Don’t Accept Discrimination, Use Your Voice

In the wizarding world, the Weasley’s were not treated equal. The family was poor and considered traitors to their race. They were never treated as harshly as muggle-born wizards, however they suffered from constant hate from foul men like Lucius Malfoy.

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Arthur Weasley behaved like a true Gryffindor when he challenged Lucius in Flourish and Blotts. That day Arthur used his voice to explain what a wizard of high moral character really looked like.