Love & Hip Hop NY S7E13 “Cancún: Part 2” Recap- 3 Wildest Moments

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How did the women of Love & Hip Hop NY fare in the final days of their trip in Cancún? Find out here with our “Cancún: Part 2” recap!

Last week turned out to be an exciting week for the ladies of Love & Hip Hop NY! What started out as a three girl trip to Cancún ended up being a combo of friendship revivals, working, partying, and twerking for Juju, Yandy, Kimbella, J. Adrienne, Bianca, Cardi B, Mariahlynn, and Hennesy! Yandy and Kimbella were able to move past their problems, as well as Mariahlynn and Bianca. Although, the trip wasn’t incident free. Juju gave everyone a chapter of her new book to read and Yandy felt like some of the stuff from the book sounded a bit too familiar. Yandy accused Juju of writing her personal business in her book, instead of just asking her about. We left off with Juju ready to leave her on the trip.

Meanwhile, back home, Juelz appeared to have difficulty keeping up with the house and kids. He hopes everything will be good when Kimbella gets back! Also, Remy and Papoose had a talk about losing both their pregnancies, and contemplated the opportunity to have another. They agreed to get through this together as Papoose ensured Remy that he wasn’t disappointed in her and that this wasn’t her fault.

Plus, we haven’t seen if Tara is ready to take Peter back, following his gazillionth apology from a couple of weeks ago.

This week on Love & Hip Hop NY

Juju and Yandy still hadn’t talked since everything went down the day before, but fortunately Juju hadn’t left. However, she had been avoiding Yandy’s calls. She felt that Yandy has made the entire trip about her. First, she brought along Bianca to work, then she had a scene with Kimbella, and now with her. Yandy showed up and they discussed what was in the book. Juju told Yandy that she shouldn’t have questioned her integrity that way and that nothing in the book was about her. Yandy apologized, and Juju accepted it.

Samantha, Kim, and Erika got together to discuss Lil’ Mendeecees’ birthday party, which Yandy hasn’t been around to help her plan or pay for. Samantha told them that she’s just going to plan it herself and invite Yandy as a guest. She also took Lil’ Mendeecees to see his father Mendeecees in prison. While there, she found out that both her mother and Erika have been blocked from seeing him.

When Yandy returned from Mexico, she met with Samantha, who told her she needed to put more effort into getting the kids together. Yandy claimed that she called for Lil’ Mendeecees’ birthday, but nobody picked up. Samantha stressed again that Yandy needed to work harder to have a relationship with both her and Erika. To Samantha, this means that Yandy has to accept that Mendeecees had a relationship with her. Yandy didn’t sound happy, but agreed.

Do you think that Samantha’s just giving Yandy a hard time because she got to get away? Has it been Yandy all along, who was slipping on getting the kids together? Is it right for Samantha to push Yandy to admit her man had more than just a fling with Erika?

Now, onto the 3 Wildest Moments …