Kitten Bowl IV: All the Purrr-fect Highlights From the 2017 Game


It’s the cutest, snuggliest, fuzziest competition of the year. We have all the best highlights and cat puns from 2017’s Kitten Bowl IV!

The fur went flying and the claws came out during this year’s Kitten Bowl IV on the Hallmark Channel! We watched as these four fearless teams went head to head to in order to win it all. The championship trophy was up for grabs between the Last Hope Lions, Boomer’s Bobcats, Home & Family Felines and the North Shore Bengals. Keep reading to catch our recap of all the highlights from the cutest competition on the big game day!

Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Marc Lemoine

Game 1: The North Shore Bengals vs. The Last Hope Lions

The Bengals were the first one out of the gate to score a touchdown, thanks to the ham-fisted style of T-Wrecks the Furry Safety. He’s a polydactyl cat, meaning he has multiple toes! He scored the most touchdowns for the Bengals as he tore up and down the field.

In the second quarter, the Lions’ Scratch Guard Catsanova actually hid the ball underneath his furry belly, confusing all the players and scoring himself a touchdown! That tied the game up, 14 to 14. Bengals Fluff Back Jalapeno delivered a spicy tackle to the Lions’ Snacker Brownie, allowing T-Wrecks to come in for another touchdown! By half-time, the Bengals were up 21-14.

And then the 3rd quarter, where new items were introduced to shake up the players. Although the first play was a turnover, T-Wrecks managed scored another touchdown. But feisty Running Cat Bobcat Gurley rolled across the end zone in a giant pink hamster ball, landing 7 more points for the Lions. With the Bengals all infighting on the field, Lions player Brownie lept over the goal posts, tightening the Bengals lead to 28-24.

Finally, it was the play of the game when Bobcat Gurley caught a pass in the end zone while lying on his back! That gave the Lions the edge they needed, and the final score was 38-35. We have to commend T-Wrecks a.k.a. “The Beast” for all his hard work on the gridiron.

Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Marc Lemoine

Game 2: Boomer’s Bobcats vs. The Home & Family Felines

An unexpected winter storm came blowing through before the second game. Some puppy grounds crew members first had to help clear the field and the purr-king lot. The game was ready to begin, this time the Bobcats faced off against the Felines.

Felines Stalk End Mew Brees threw up a 96 yard pass to Stray Matthews, giving the Felines an early lead. Bacon the Fullcat ran the ball all the way down the field but gave up right before hitting the end zone, instead hopping over the goal posts and making a field goal.

Cat toys prove too much for some of the Bobcats players, who get distracted as the Felines take advantage of that in the 3rd quarter. Player Pickle came off the feline incline slide and tapped the ball into the end zone. With the score now 32-20, player DeMarco Purry made a bold move and used a motorized ball to rush for 300 yards all over the field! But a flag was called on the play.

Though the Bobcats managed to cut Felines lead to just five points, they ended up clinching it with a final touchdown in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Final score? Felines 38, Bobcats 27.

Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Marc Lemoine

Final: The North Shore Lions vs. The Home & Family Felines

It’s the biggest game of these players’ nine lives, according to announcers Michael Sterling and Mary Carillo. The very first play was a touchdown by the Felines. Frank (part of the brother powerhouse of Frank and Beans) was responsible. Amazingly, the Lions’ Quartercat Tony Slo-Mo was able to catch the next throw in the end zone, and tied it up 7-7. He was warned for showboating too much on the field! Frank managed to get one more touchdown in before the end of the first quarter, giving the Felines an early lead.

In the second quarter, Lions’ Catsanova pulled off a funky kind of play where he passed the ball to himself all the way down the field. At one point, the Felines entire defensive team took a snooze on the one yard line, allowing Tony Slo-Mo to wander into the end zone. With the game still tight, we headed into halftime, where we were treated to a wonderful show, courtesy of Cirque du Paw-le. Both kittens and puppies alike shared the stage!

In the third quarter, Fry Receiver Paw-dell Beckham Jr. gets a 90 yard snag, allowing the Felines to celebrate in the end zone. Like anyone in need of a cat nap, the Lions all lie down on the field, giving Mew Brees a chance to run in for a touch down. The score sat at 24-14 before Lions’ player Lion Fitzcatrick, who was nervous in the pre-game warmups, took the field. He delivered a flawless pass to Nose Tickle Mitzi, who made an amazing one-paw grab for a touchdown!

For the final quarter, Tony Slo-Mo again ran around the field, confusing everyone. Instead of scoring a touchdown, he decided to jump in for a field goal, tying the game at 24-24.

The Lions managed to snag another field goal and did hold their three-point lead in the final few seconds. But a crucial fumble allowed Practice squad Spring Guard Noodle to run it all the way back, scoring a touchdown, making the final score of 35-31!

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Post-Game Scratch

You can cast your vote for Most Valuable Kitten award here. Winners are announced tomorrow. And don’t forget: all these adorable little balls of fluff are up for adoption. To find out more, please check out the North Shore Animal League if you’re willing to give a kitty a forever home.